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We are inviting you to enjoy our exclusive musical artistic entertainment as well as our exclusive literary and academic support, hoping that you can make the most of all our free publications

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exclusive literary support so that you can more easily develop the human emotional part and thus have a greater understanding of true love

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exclusive academic support so that you can more easily develop the rational analytical part and thus have a greater understanding of analytical concepts

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exclusive theological philosophical support so that you can more easily develop the human spiritual part and thus have a greater understanding of spiritual faith

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exclusive musical support so that you can more easily learn to play guitar, flute and musical keyboard and thus develop your artistic faculties

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exclusive romantic music produced by our exclusive music artists:
LEONNELI artistic guitar
ORGAZZLY artistic organ
PIANNLEOZ artistic piano

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exclusive art music produced by our exclusive music artists:
ZALZZASO latin music
KKEYMUS pop music
SOLTIZZTI acoustic music

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exclusive master music produced by our exclusive music artists:
CLASIZZATE the most classic by OZKKARTTE
EXCLUSIZZTI the most exclusive by EXCLUZZI

The wonderful emotional love world of family

Before thinking about wanting to start a family, we must know true love

The family is not based on rational thought

The family is based on an emotional feeling

The greatest of emotional feelings is true love

It is very common to confuse an attraction with an emotional feeling

Every attraction does not have the capacity to grow and even more so it cannot become stronger and cannot be more stronger every day

True love is the only one that has the ability to have continuous growth, that is, every day it will be stronger and even more so, it is something that reaches eternity, for this reason the person who knows true love will love forever

Man and woman who know true love will be impossible to separ loate, they will form a solid family with sustainable development

The wonderful spiritual world, beyond life

Beyond life there is something more forceful than happiness, there is eternal glory

Life does not end when a person dies, since the spirit of every person is eternal, meaning that life continues in a spiritual way

It is very common for every person to give considerable importance to physical care and development, but it will always be more important that our greatest effort is focused on spiritual care and development

Our body has a limit and very soon we reach old age, however our spirit never ages, that is, it will be eternally young, for this reason it is important that when we reach old age and our bodily vitality decreases, we have managed to reach a high degree of spiritual development

To develop our spirit we can only achieve it in our time of bodily life, that is, when we die physically, our spirit has achieved great vitality and, above all, great purity and has the potential to know eternal glory beyond life

Only our spirit can know eternal glory, something more forceful than human bodily happiness since it will be something eternal beyond life

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The wonderful rational analytical conceptual world

Reasoning is going beyond memorizing, the highest level of rational development is analytical reasoning

When we go to an educational establishment, more than learning to memorize we learn to reason

Reasoning is developing the ability to reach an understanding about something specific

Reasoning analytically is something completely superior, it is developing the ability to enter a wonderful new analytical world, where analytical concepts are found, for this reason it is something reserved for those privileged minds that have achieved a high rational analytical development

Our mind has the capacity to reach these high levels of rational development but it is necessary to understand that an entire process of rational development is necessary to reach the highest levels

Only the person who has managed to reach these high levels of rational analytical development will have the privilege of knowing analytical concepts

Knowing analytical concepts is entering the wonderful rational analytical world and being able to correctly apply all that privileged understanding

Getting to know an analytical concept is having a unique and universal understanding, only someone who knows an analytical concept can give an analisis solution

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