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Welcome english language community

We are inviting you to develop our exclusive learning support

Our exclusive learning support is focused on giving you all the necessary understanding and thus manages to strengthen your professional work laboral station level

Developing a successful profesional work laboral station level will always be a primary life objective for the benefit of the community

June 2023


Welcome again to our learning support, focused on strengthening the professional work environment

The first thing we should understand very clearly is what we call like professional

We will understand by a professional a human being who has the ability to do a job in a satisfactory way and therefore is subject to economic remuneration in return for the successful work carried out

Becoming a great professional, is having to develop a high professional level

A high professional level implies, having come to develop a great capacity to do a job; as well as, having reached a high degree of responsibility; as well as, a high ethical development as a person, having developed a high degree of social awareness and a great understanding about the economic process

It is important to understand that to achieve those high degrees of labor professional development, the first work work and our first economic remuneration are always started

A professional work level can only be reached by a human being

It is very common to think that a robot can replace a human being in a work activity; however, it is not possible to assign a responsibility to a robot, it is important to specify that responsibility is something that is part of the integral development of a human person, a robot will always be a machine devoid of all kinds of responsibilities

A work capacity is a human responsibility to do a successful job

Developing skills, abilities and capacities, is something that only a human being can develop, as part of a professional work activity the skills, capacities and abilities are part of a human labor professional development, for this reason there are several professional levels, definitely at the highest levels of professional capacity, we find the highest levels of skills and abilities that a human being can reach consequently of a successful work experience

August 2023

Economic Organizational Entity

To understand what we call economic organizational entity, we must first have understanding of what we call entity

An entity can be all types of company, regardless of whether it belongs to the manufacture of products or the provision of services, an entity can also be a bureaucratic institution such as a ministry, an organism, in addition an entity can also be a foundation or all kinds of non -governmental organizations

We call it organizational entity since it is necessary efficient between person, machines and all types of additional organizational resource such as materials, types of energy such as electricity and types of supplies such as water, gas and others

We call it an economic organizational entity, since it belongs to the productive economic sector of goods and services which satisfy all the goods and all the services necessary for the development of a society

An economic organizational entity can be from a very small company to a very large company

A professional is someone who is part of the organizational human resource in an economic organizational entity

The importance of all professionals being aware that by being part of an economic organizational entity, the quality of the product or service provided to society will depend on the level of professional labor quality achieved by the human resource